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Kathy Stratford

In 2009 I started on a journey of self discovery which continues to this day. I developed an interest in the health of the body, mind and spirit and how these affect us overall as we continually evolve, change and grow in our lives.

The first couple of years opened my eyes to personal development which then in 2012 sent me on a trajectory out of my comfort zone and I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. From then on I have added Reiki Master, Guided and Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and Yoga Teacher.

I would love to guide you on a journey of self discovery and healing through learning how to implement these techniques which then lead to endless possibilities and health benefits. Through varied simple practices and new habits, doors will open to let you see beyond the anxiety, stress and tension.      Read more …...



  • Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master/ Teacher
  • Tera-Mai Seichem Level One & Two
  • Guided and Mindfulness Meditation facilitator
  • Fitness Group facilitator /Personal Trainer



  • Yoga sessions
  • Reiki sessions
  • Guided Meditation


Previous Position:

  • Qualified Optical Dispenser                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Trainer for the HBF Fitness programs 2015-2021


  • Cancer Council Support office Rockingham and Mandurah – Reiki


Kathy has been a tremendous help on my journey. Not only is she a beautiful person but her presence is so calming and grounding in itself. I’ve been seeing Kathy for a few years now for both Reiki and meditation. Meditation with Kathy has been fantastic. Kathy has given me the techniques to encourage and develop clarity, calmness and grounding. Reiki with Kathy, well if I could bottle the feeling I have during and after would be just magical. I can walk in feeling and looking flat and dull, I walk out and I have a bounce in my step and I look bright again. There are not many words to describe the feeling but Kathy has amazing skills and a wonderful gift. Physically Reiki has helped me with my back pain. I feel it recharges me both mentally and physically. Kathy validates everything I feel during Reiki afterwards and it just confirms for me how special she really is. My experiences with Kathy have truly been life changing”


I truly enjoy my Reiki and Meditation sessions with Kathy. Her divine treatment is a unique experience, which leaves you feeling nourished in both mind and body. Combining Reiki and guided meditation in a relaxed atmosphere. Kathy’s gentle nature shines through making you feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I highly recommend allowing Kathy to take you under her wing to help you feel deeply relaxed, replenished and sparkling from within


With my job being mentally demanding day in day out i needed a way of switching off because i was always working in my sleep and is was wearing me down.
I came across Kathy’s flyer in the mail and i nervously made the call to go to one of her guided meditation and i have never looked back. I will admit it did take me a while to actually relax and controlling my thoughts but now it is something i look forward too and a quiet place i can go to for an hour. I have started to use some of the techniques of meditation in my day to day living and feeling happier about it.” 


I joined Kathy’s low impact exercise group after having a bone density test, which didn’t show great results, to try and strengthen my bones and balance. Plus I had great difficulty in climbing stairs. I can honestly say my balance and stair climbing has increased two folds and because of this has given me greater confidence and well being on my feet”


I have free Gym membership and was a bit hesitant to paying of an exercise class when I could go for free. Thing was I wasn’t going and mostly because when I last went the instructor worked me so hard I vomited. After breaking my arm in 2013, it was still stiff and sore from not exercising and had developed arthritis in my lower back and my weight had hit an all time high and I had every intention going to the gym but it never happened
“I’ve being battling my weight all my life and at 49 nothing has changed. Then I approached Kathy for help and signed up for a 10 week course. The classes are small and imitate, feeling more like one on one then a big workout class. I walk away from the class invigorated and refreshed, still feeling I’ve had a worked out without feeling I’ve been hit by a train. In my first class just lying on the floor was painful and now I’m planking. My arm has improved greatly and I can get dress without thinking of which arm to use first
“Kathy is happy to give advice on healthy food options and if you request it she will do one on one work you. This is what she has done for me and has set me on a path  where I am making balanced decisions  about what I eat and she monitors my weight loss with a weight in and measurements . She even supporters me when I just can’t face the scales or had what we call a bad week
For me it a good start and I’m very glad I made it because without her encouragement I would have given up again”