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Like tree roots we need room to grow and we shouldn’t  limit our beliefs in what we can achieve.

The influences around us need to be positive (the soil). As in the people we associate with and what we watch and listen to.

Our internal attitude  (the trunk) reflects how we talk and treat ourselves. We should use positive words to ourselves with the internal chatter. We need to take time out for ourselves for self care. Things like meditation, exercise, good sleep and good nutrition. We need to be grateful for the little things as well as the big ones, take responsibility for our choices and actions and forgive ourselves and others.

We are continually grow and change so, we need to gather knowledge and experiences (branches and leaves).

Then, if everything has been done in the right order and in the right proportions, we will see the outcome (fruit) we were wanting. Otherwise, we may not get what we  wanted ( a lemon instead of an apple).

We (the tree) will grow if the conditions are right. Take time to prepare the soil and water the roots. Tender to the trunk. Be kind and gentle and give yourself love. Then when the time is right, the opportunity for the branches and leaves will appear