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During our life journey our path changes direction, some through choice and some not. Doors close and new ones open. Sometimes the Universe closes doors for us because its time to move forward. Often its because we wont move unless we are forced to. We are worth so much more.  At this time we need to look forward to be able to see the new doors opening and not looking back at the closed ones.

Some doors we close by choice.As we recognize  we need to let go, release, detach and or the leason has finished. There comes a point when something has reached its end, the chapter has finished and it is necessary to leave it in the past and move forward. These can be from relationships we are in which can be family and friends, career, current job.

Take a breathe, step through and start a new chapter

Close some doors not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance,  but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.                                                                               Paulo Coelho