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A lot of us would say that we would put others first. But what about ourselves!
We can hold space for our family, friends and co workers at times when they are hurting and in need of love, they may need someone to listen to their problems, or just need a hug.

At some stage in life we all search for “something” that will make us happy, be a better version of ourselves, the thing that we feel is missing in our lives.
If we stopped and accepted ourselves for who we are, be grateful for who we are, love who we are and be at peace with who we are we wouldn’t need to be searching for it elsewhere.

Robert Holden who wrote “Shift Happens”, says that we have 2 Self’s. Firstly, The Unconditional Self, which is self acceptance. Secondly, the Learned Self. This is the Facebook self we put out for everyone to see. We want to reinvent ourselves and become a new and better person so THEN we can be happy, successful and lovable.
We need to accept the idea that “you are what you seek”. The Unconditional Self is trying to tell us that we are that we seek.
• I am the happiness i am seeking
• I am the love that i am looking for
• I am the peace i am looking for

How many times have you been told, “if only you would change” to meet someone else’s expectations of who they want you to be. And if you do try to change you may be able to do it for a few months, a few weeks or a few days. But you can’t be that change forever because it’s not “You”.

If we don’t accept ourselves, how can anyone else truly accept the real us. If we don’t accept ourselves we essentially are rejecting and criticizing ourselves. Then how can you do any “self improvement” .

Don’t search for happiness. Searching is external and looking outside of ourselves. Wanting others or objects to make us happy. Do what makes you happy. Look internal, look inside of yourself and choose and be who you really are.

When we follow joy it aligns us to our authentic self and we live a creative life. It takes courage to follow our joy. We aren’t here to be normal. We are here to live our lives. – Robert Holden

When we find clarity of what is really important in our life we find that we want less of everything else. Be clearer about what is really important and real to you. So let go of the past and be more open to the future. Forgive yourself and others and use your wings to fly and be who you truly are. Be your unconditional self.

Don’t sit around waiting to be happy, for life to be better, for relationships to get better. Its never too late to be truly you and live from your heart. Let go of your defenses and let the world see who you truly are.

The world changes when we do – Gandhi
Be the Change. Send out Love and Gratitude