Meditation, being present with breath

As in all aspects of Life, we are continually evolving, changing and growing. However, often we forget about ourselves as life gets busy and we tend to put others first- family and friends and even work. So this becomes the norm! Then slowly we don’t feel fulfilled in our lives, we don’t feel “happy”.

Meditation is not only taking time to sit quietly and still the mind. It can take many different forms. Sitting at the beach watching the ocean and things around, walking on the beach, gardening, walking, swimming, running, yoga, exercising, reading, just to name a few. In these other activities we often become trance like.


The meditation sessions I hold are a combination of Mindfulness Breathing and visualization. Mindfulness Breathing is to bring you into the moment, be present, to leave everything else in your car and to take time for you. The visualization then helps us to take time to listen to our subconscious (not our conscious thoughts) and to tap into ourselves again.

When we commit to meditation (in which ever form we are comfortable with) it not only effects the chemistry of our own thoughts and feelings, but it can also affect those around us. As we practice meditation the energy builds within us and we become happier and more peaceful. This then has a flow on effect to everything around us and our lives become happier.



Meditation effects our relaxation response; which then reduces daily stress and helps us to achieve mental and physical relaxation. IE: clarity, concentration, awareness, heart rate, blood pressure, improved immune system among others. In life we become happier and don’t react quickly to situations. In the work place we become more efficient and happier. It helps us to slow down, take the time to savour life, family, work and everything around us.It helps us in so many ways.


To Book: Please phone or sms on 0421215898

 Per Session:


One on one  meditation


Family meditation (parent/s and children) up to 6 members


Organize your own group at home    -minimum of 5 people


Organize at your  club or work place  – minimum of 10 people





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