Wise Chatter Podcasts
I wanted to share with you some of the many different types of spiritual modalities available so I will chat to people who are doing them and share with you some insight on what they are about, entail and why the person chose that modality for themselves and to share with others.

There is not just one solution or answer to a problem. And we aren’t all attracted to the same energy or the same person. So by me sharing these I hope it will expose other avenues for you to explore.

I have found that as I have learnt more about myself that I need to change what I do personally for mind, body and soul and try new things. We don’t grow if we don’t step out of our comfort zones as scary as it may be.

I will also chat with people in the community and share their passion and knowledge on different topics.

Being Mindful with Kate Capey

Chat with Kate Capey Tune in to find out how Kate has integrated Mindfulness and Reiki Seichem into her daily life which then lead her onto later building a community to share and teach (time 13:12) To find out more about Kate, click on her...

Being a Shaman with Catherine Fewings

Chat with Catherine Fewings Tune in to find out how Catherine has integrated shamanic practices into her daily life and in her mainstream coaching techniques. Catherine is affectionately known as the Shaman in a Suit. She uses mainstream coaching...