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Reiki Sessions


Imagine the body is like a free flowing river. While it flows freely every thing is good. However, if something falls into the river (eg: a tree, branches, rocks etc) this can cause blockages and disrupt the flow of the water. Then other debris collects around these blockages and reduces the flow even more. Soon there is only a trickle of water from the once flowing river. And so it is with the energy that flows through the body.  Once blockages appear then we may become irritable, less focused, feel lost, anxious, stressed. Pain and discomfort may also occur in our body.

We need to release trapped negative emotions and fill them positive feelings and thoughts.  Let go of the old to make way for the new. It is a necessary step as much as we want to bypass it,  as it will help us to let go and move on. The more we allow, the more enjoyable the process will be.

The body wants and needs  to release these feelings, otherwise  it  can not be in a state of balance and peace.

Reiki is a natural therapy and non-invasive.

As in all aspects of Life, we are continually evolving, changing and growing. However, often we forget about ourselves as life gets busy and we tend to put others first- family and friends and even work. So this becomes the norm! Then slowly we don’t feel fulfilled in our lives, we don’t feel “happy”.

Upon booking your first session, we will have a brief conversation in relation to what you would like to achieve. Then the session will be adapted to you. There are similarities that everyone experiences but on the whole it is unique to you. As the practitioner I am holding space for you, so your body can remember and start to heal itself. Our ability to self heal should not be under estimated.


Some of the benefits: improves sleep; promotes relaxation which releases stress and tension in the body; improves the energy flow; releases any blockages, attachments and things that no longer serve us; helps to ground us; brings clarity

What will I experience

each experience is different for everyone depending on what their needs are on the day. The feedback I have received is that they experienced one or more of these: tingling, floating, warmth, a sense of calm, feel peaceful, an increase in energy, feels like a massage on the inside or they doze off. But not limited to these.

What do I need to do

I advise wearing comfy clothes and coming with an open mind. During the session, depending on the persons mobility, will either be seated in a chair or lay on a bed. During the session I encourage you to relax and leave the outside world at the door. With your permission at different times I will place my hands on your head, shoulders, feet and back.

To Book:  Please phone Kathy on 0421 2158 98

These are complimentary therapies please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns


Reiki sessions