grounding in the ocean

Often we need to make Lifestyle Modifications

There comes a point in our lives where we aren’t sure who we are or where we are going.This point could be a change in family dynamics, a change at work or study or from a stressful situation.The body is powerful and clever. It will keep going and going and going. But then one day it will stop.

*It starts off small, could be a cold or flu(it means you have to stop for a while or at least slow down)
*Then if you still aren’t listening, it could be an injury (you need to take time off to recuperate and heal)
*Or if you really haven’t been listening and taking care of yourself, worst scenario is your body starts to shut down, stop working (then this will really make you stop, likely a hospital visit and lots of doctors- If You Are Lucky your still here)

So if you don’t take the time to make changes in your lifestyle, be it work life balance, food, sleep, exercise, self care, relaxation then over a period of time things will start to go wrong.And when they do start to go wrong, then hopefully- You will start to ask questions and look for possible reasons and then the answers:

Do you suffer from stress and/or anxiety?
Do you know you are enough?
Do you find it hard to change old habits? 
Do you hold onto things?
Are you always busy and don’t take time for yourself?
Do you feel it is selfish to take time for yourself away from family, friends and work?
Do you always put others first?
Do you ever look within and know what makes you happy?

It all begins with Self Love. We first must believe that we are worthy enough.

We realize Stress is neither good or bad. What’s important is how we react to it. We adjust and we don’t live in it, occasionally we just visit

Along the way we change our priorities and we get use to the new steps

We sometimes second guess what we feel but in time you will learn to trust your intuition.

You know yourself the best ! No one else knows you better than you do. You have to trust


So Where Do you Start:

Meditation and Yoga are great places to start. Either in a group session or a one on one session which can be adapted to you specifically. Go to the links below for detailed information.