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Have you ever come home after being with people and felt drained?  Have you started your day in a great mood to only end it feeling  negative, not in a good mood, irritable.

There are times we don’t have control over avoiding situations. A friend or family member may not be well, depressed, anxious, not in a good place for what ever reason. We need to spend time with them.  If you work in a hospital, doctors surgery,  even a school. A work colleague may be having personal issues with work or home.

As we are all made up of energy, when we interact with others  we come in contact with each others energy fields. This can then allow us to become susceptible to others negativity. We can also generate our own negativity which also needs to be cleansed.  As time goes on we can feel tired, run down, unbalanced or even ill. We are not quite ourselves


So what can you do to keep yourself on track and feeling good or to even cleanse your own bad energy that you have generated?

  • A quick easy one is to “dust yourself off” when leaving someone else’s company. Or if you are your own bad company this can still help.
  • Majority of us have a door mat that we “wipe our feet” on before entering our homes. Set the intention that when you do this action that you are also wiping off any energy you don’t want around you or in your home or the place you are entering.
  • My personal favourite is to go to the beach and stand on the edge of the water and let it lap over my feet.  I set my intention that the ocean washes everything away that i no longer need and is not mine.
  • Standing on grass or being among trees and nature is another favourite.
  • Stand in the sun for a few minutes
  • Take a bath and pour in 1-3 cups of  himalayan salt in the water and soak for minimum of 20 minutes


How will you know if these actions have worked?  You will feel better, lighter, clear headed, more relaxed and peaceful.

However, if you still feel a bit of residue you cant move you can contact an energy healer (like me ) for a little outside help.                        ( I myself have done this on occasion, as we are sometimes a bit too close to the situation and need a different perspective)